DIY Weekly Goals Board

DIY Weekly Goals Board

Hello, everybody! I have recently been wanting to get back into crafting. Crafting is so relaxing to me and makes me so happy. I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw someone with a weekly goal paper. I used their general idea but then changed it up so it wasn’t just paper. You can check out the original pin here.

So the materials I used are:

  • a cork board
  • spray paint(preferably a primer and paint or a 2 in 1)Snapchat-293379770
  • paint brushes
  • acrylic paint
  • sticky notes (could try using paint chips too)
  • cute pushpins





So first, I started by spray painting the cork board. From what I read online, you want to use a primer before the color on cork board. I just used a colored primer and it gave great color payoff. I did about 3 coats to make it really even.  After that was dried I then painted the words “weekly goals” onto the top leaving enough room for six sticky notes below the words. My words do not look the best because I have terrible handwriting. Then I just used the push pins to put the sticky notes on. This was a super simple craft and I’ve been loving havi20170304_214612ng it. I put it in a place that I constantly see. I think this would be a fun project for anybody to do and it was not very expensive. If you guys try it let me know and post a picture below!





“I like crafts that are made out of necessity because they’re a little naive – you made it because you needed it.” ~ Amy Sedaris


July 2016 Favorites

July 2016 Favorites

July 16 favorites

Grav3yard Girl Tarte Swamp Queen Palette- I have been watching Bunny on YouTube for years and I was very excited to get my hands on this. It comes with 9 eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, and a highlight. I have been reaching for this pretty much everytime I do my makeup. On Tuesday I plan on doing an actual post about this so stay tuned for that.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler- Amy Poehler is someone that I look up to so much! Parks and recreation is my favorite show of all time. She is also probably my favorite comedian. Her style of writing is exactly the type of writing I like. It’s very casual like she’s having an actual conversation with the reader and of course lots of humor. I have so many books that I’m trying to read right now.

Fortune Cookie Soap- I received this soap from a friend for my birthday which is awesome because I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while. I’m not sure which scent this is but it smells like strawberries to me. This is one of those companies that makes their products with all natural ingredients. I will definitely be ordering from them again. If you want to check them out you can click here.

Amazon Fire Tablet- I received this for my birthday as well and I love it. It’s so nice and small which means it’s easy to lay in bed with. I’ve completely stopped watching Netflix on my computer and only watch it on my tablet now. This cost around $50 and you can check it out on Amazon.

New Shoes- I needed some yellow shoes because I’m a bridesmaid for a best friends wedding and I found these at payless. They were around $35 and I love them. There’s not much else to say about these.

Favorite Show- Stranger Things: You need to watch this show! It is on Netflix and it is amazing. There are only 8 episodes right now and I am so sad that we have to wait a year for the next season. There is also all kinds of 80’s awesomeness happening in this show.

Favorite Song- Don’t Mind by Kent Jones