L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask| Exfoliating and Refining

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask| Exfoliating and Refining

Hi, Everybody! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Today I wanted to talk about a face mask that I have been enjoying. It is on of the L’Oreal pure-clay masks. I picked up the exfoliating and refining mask with red algae. Lately, I’ve been feeling like my skin has been on the dry side so I like the exfoliation. All the masks in this line are made with 3 different kinds of clay. It doesn’t really say anywhere what those clays are. I wish that they made it more obvious on the packaging somewhere of what the clays are. Each different mask is enhanced with something. The one I picked up is enhanced with red algae extract. They also have masks that are enhanced with charcoal and another one enhanced with eucalyptus. L’Oreal has only advertised these 3 in the line but I noticed on their website they have another one that’s blue. The blue one is enhanced with seaweed. I would like to get all of the masks in the line. Apparently, in the red one, the exfoliant is volcanic rock which is pretty cool.

L’Oreal Claims

-“addresses rough skin and deep clogged pores”

– “polished pore-minimized, smooth complexion”

-“refined and smooth skin”

-“imperfections are less visible”

What I’ve noticed

-love the packaging

-skin does look smooth and healthy

-does not help my acne or my pores

So I was a little disappointed that this didn’t do much in terms of cleaning out my pores. However, I do enjoy how healthy my skin looks after I use it. I definitely want to try the other masks and see how wells those work. To be honest I probably won’t buy this one again once it’s empty. I’m sure I can find a mask that makes my skin look and feel the same and also cleans out my pores. Let me know if you guys have had any experiences with these masks and what you feel. If you want to check out the line you can click here. Each mask is about $13. Thank you for hanging out with me and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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June Favorites| 2017

June Favorites| 2017

Can you believe that it is already July?! Very soon I’ll be back in school for my last semester. I’ve been so relaxed with just having to work that I don’t want it to end. This month had a couple of exciting changes. I got bangs which I love. I pretty much had bangs all growing up and I wanted a hair change without going shorter. In the same week, I also got a Hamster. I have a female long haired Syrian hamster and her name is Zoidy. Zoidy is an unusual name that most people are confused by. Honestly, it’s because I wanted to name my hamster after Zoidberg from Futurama because I love that character. So I shortened it with just Zoidy. I love her so much and she’s just now getting comfortable with me holding her. She loves to explore and could probably spend hours in her ball if possible. I’m also going to be changing my Saturday posting day to Sunday because I rarely work Sundays. Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot but let’s talk about my favorites this month.


Yes to Tomatoes Detox Charcoal Wipes- These wipes smell so good. They kind of smell like a light cologne. Also, the color of these wipes is black instead of the usual white. They aren’t the best probably if you have sensitive skin but I still love them. I got this at Target for $6.

L’Oreal Red Algae Pure-Clay Mask- I have been wanting to try these masks forever. This is the exfoliating and refining mask. I really like how soft my skin feels after I use it. My skin feels soft and looks healthy. I also got this at Target for $10.

NYX Ultimate Palette in Warm Neutrals- There aren’t a lot of warm colors in my makeup collection and I have been wanting some new shadows to play with. These eyeshadows are really easy to work with and really pigmented. I will for sure do a whole post for this soon. I just want to play around with it so far. I got this at Ulta for $18.

Favorite Show- American Dad. I know that is so random. I recently started it and it was so funny that I got hooked.

Favorite Song- Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara. Please leave me music suggestions! I need some new stuff to listen to.

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November Favorites|2016

November Favorites|2016

november 2016 faves.jpg

I honestly didn’t have that much favorites this month. There wasn’t really anything I was obsessing over except these few things. This has been such a busy semester and I have been neglecting going and trying new things. Hopefully I will be able to start trying new things to tell you guys about. Let me know what your favorite thing was this month.

Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist in Blush: I have been wanting to try some new perfumes and scents. I was buying some bras and they offered this gift set with the lotion, a lip-gloss, and a travel perfume for $10! Of course I added it on to my purchase. This scent is so amazing. Floral scents are not something I normally enjoy but there’s something about this. This bottle is normally $18 and you can check it out here. This is something that I’m going to repurchase.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Hydrating Body Lotion: I was not expecting this to be anything special because it’s just lotion. This feels so amazing and I love that it absorbs into my skin quickly. I feel like with bath and body works lotions they make my skin feel greasy and doesn’t absorb. This does actually absorb into my skin and I really like the scent of it. This is also normally $18 and you can click here to check it out.

ELF Contour Palette: These quads that ELF has are always being raved about. This contour shade is the perfect shade for me. The top right shade I will use as a brightener underneath my contour. Sometimes I’ll mix that color with the bottom left color to make a blush. It sounds weird but it looks pretty good. The highlighter isn’t my favorite but it isn’t bad either.  I got this for $6 at Target. I want to go get all the other quads because you can pop each color out of the palette to customize them.

Love Lettuce Lush Fresh Face Mask: This is the first fresh face I have tried from lush. I really like this mask. It has lavender oil which really soothes my skin. I also like that it’s very gentle because these expire really fast so I’ve been using it 3 times a week. Do any of you know how long you can use a fresh face mask after the expiration date?

What I’ve been watching: The Gabbie Vlogs I am a YouTube junkie and literally watch it all day every day. I have been watching The Gabbie Show for a while now and I love her. For some reason I never watched her vlogs, but I fell in love with them and watched every single one.

What I’ve been listening to: Lore podcasts. In Each one of these podcasts the person tells a different story. All the stories are based off of legends and folklore. These are so intriguing. I listen to mine on google play but you should be able to listen to them on any kind of podcast app or website.

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Lame Veggie Masks

Lame Veggie Masks

I was standing in line with my boyfriend at charlotte russe the other day and I was browsing through the random things they have by the register. I saw that they had sheet masks but they were all food masks. They had tomato, broccoli, nut, yogurt, and blueberry. So I decided to pick up some face masks for us to try because I thought it would be fun. I got tomato for him (because he loves ketchup) and broccoli for me. I knew these face masks were going to be a total bust. We went home and tried them out. First off, mine was too big for me and his was too small for him. Then eventually mine just fell off my face and onto the floor. I love sheet masks because they are so easy but these were ridiculous! Tomato is apparently supposed to purify the skin and broccoli is supposed to make the skin shiny. I think all these masks did was make our faces wet. Now, like I said, I was not expecting these masks to be good. I just felt so ridiculous that I had to make a post about it. I really want to try those animal face masks. Have any of you tried them? If so, let me know in the comments.


July Favorites

July Favorites

Favorite App- Zombies, Run! This is a running app that plays a story while you run. The characters talk to you while you run. While running you pick up supplies to build your base. When zombies are chasing you, you’ll hear the zombie noises. This app is so addicting! It makes running so much fun. If you want to download the app, you can check it out here.

Favorite Song- Fight song by Rachel Platten, This is a really good pick-me-up song for when you’re feeling down.

Favorite Food- Egg whites and Kale, I usually just cook the kale for a little bit in some olive oil and then pour the egg whites over it.

School Supply Shopping!!- I don’t know about anybody else, but I love school supply shopping. Getting all kinds of new nice supplies for school is so exciting! Does anybody else feel me?

C360_2015-07-31-21-13-40-724Last Favorite- Biore Pore Strips- I get a lot of blackheads on my nose. Everybody seems to love the biore strips, but this was my first time using them. Also, I am very drawn to things with charcoal in them. When I saw that these were charcoal strips, I wanted to try them so bad. They work really nicely. I also like that I can see what it pulls out. It’s very reassuring when you can see that it worked. I got them at Walmart for $6.27.

First Impression: Neutrogena Face Mask

First Impression: Neutrogena Face Mask

C360_2015-05-23-15-09-03-991I have recently developed an obsession with face masks. The way they feel on my face is so relaxing. I also have oily skin so I love anything that helps with that. I was at walgreens yesterday buying some more face wash and decided to look if they had any face masks. Walgreens did not have the best selection but I did find this neutrogena mask that is also a cleanser. It is the neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask. So it’s like a 2 in 1. I already have a facial cleanser that I love but I decide to get it for the face mask characteristic. If you use it as a mask it is also supposed to really help with oil control.

The instructions are very basic. You smooth an even layer all over your dry face and then let it sit for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes rinse it off. I actually ended up leaving mine on a bit longer just because I got kind of distracted. You know when you’re eating a lifesaver mint and you breathe in and get that nice cool breeze? That’s how this mask felt on my face. It felt so nice. Then I rinsed it off in the shower. After I rinsed it off my skin felt pretty normal. It felt the same as if I had used my facial cleanser. Usually after I shower at night I also put on a toner water and some moisturizer. I decided to not put any product on my face so I could see how just the product worked. The next morning I did noticed that my blackheads on my nose were a bit smaller. Also I haven’t noticed as much oil on my face throughout the day. All in all I really like this. I’m going to keep using it maybe twice a week. I’ll probably do an update in a couple weeks on whether I still like it or not.