DIY Weekly Goals Board

DIY Weekly Goals Board

Hello, everybody! I have recently been wanting to get back into crafting. Crafting is so relaxing to me and makes me so happy. I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw someone with a weekly goal paper. I used their general idea but then changed it up so it wasn’t just paper. You can check out the original pin here.

So the materials I used are:

  • a cork board
  • spray paint(preferably a primer and paint or a 2 in 1)Snapchat-293379770
  • paint brushes
  • acrylic paint
  • sticky notes (could try using paint chips too)
  • cute pushpins





So first, I started by spray painting the cork board. From what I read online, you want to use a primer before the color on cork board. I just used a colored primer and it gave great color payoff. I did about 3 coats to make it really even.  After that was dried I then painted the words “weekly goals” onto the top leaving enough room for six sticky notes below the words. My words do not look the best because I have terrible handwriting. Then I just used the push pins to put the sticky notes on. This was a super simple craft and I’ve been loving havi20170304_214612ng it. I put it in a place that I constantly see. I think this would be a fun project for anybody to do and it was not very expensive. If you guys try it let me know and post a picture below!





“I like crafts that are made out of necessity because they’re a little naive – you made it because you needed it.” ~ Amy Sedaris


DIY Brush Cleaning Mat

DIY Brush Cleaning Mat

Hello people! Cleaning my makeup brushes is not something that I do often but I have been trying to do it more. Both Real Techniques and Sigma sell brush cleaning mats that have different textured designs on them to help with the scrubbing. When I saw those I thought it was a really good idea and I really wanted to buy one of them. I think they sell for around $15. However, I thought of an idea to make one on my own with a plate and hot glue gun. Then I never ended up trying it but I saw it somewhere on Pinterest. Once I saw it I decided that I had to try it. It’s the easiest DIY ever! I already had a hot glue gun so I only ended up spending 88 cents on this. I found a four pack of these plates at Walmart for 88 cents. I wanted to make sure the plate was reusable so it wouldn’t get ruined in the water. I just divided the plate into fourths and then did a different design in each quadrant. Hot glue is really stringy so the designs did not come out pretty. Luckily this DIY worked very well and I will be using it instead of buying one. However, when I tried to wash my beauty sponge the sponge kind of got torn apart. Even when I went lightly. So this maybe isn’t the best for a sponge but it is for the brushes.