Essence Soo Glow!

Essence Soo Glow!

I’ve just recently started getting really into highlighter and bronzer. I saw these two highlighters when I was in target and thought they looked really nice. They are called the Essence Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter. Cream to powder products blow my mind every time. This highlighter comes in two shades. The first one is look on the bright side which is a champagne color. The other one is called bright up your life which is a pink rose color. I really enjoy these highlighters. If you are going to put powder on your face, you have to put these on before. These do not apply well on top of a powder. They don’t apply smoothly and the break apart. I think they can apply differently on different foundations also. Sometimes I like to apply these on bare skin if I don’t really feel like wearing makeup. I find the best way to apply them is just with my fingers. You can also really build these up if you like an intense glow. That’s really all there is to say about these. I totally recommend picking these up. They are only $3.50 at Target. Let me know if you have tried these before and what you think about them.



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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

As with any family we have our traditions that we do every year around the Christmas season. One of the traditions we do is go light looking. We drive around the city and see all the decorated houses. Last night we went and there was a neighborhood that had eight houses that had worked together. Their lights were all synced up with one of the radio stations. Those are always my favorite kind of houses.

Another one of our traditions is homemade pizza on Christmas eve. This is one of my favorite traditions!  My family all gets together and we each make our own individual pizzas. It’s so fun to get together with family, play games, and just have time to laugh. I look forward to this every year and hope the tradition never dies. When I have a family of my own the tradition will live on.

I want to hear about your traditions because that is one of my favorite things to learn about people!


My New Journey

My New Journey

Within the past couple weeks, I have started a new journey in my life. I have finally made the commitment to get healthier. There have been tons of times in the past when I say I’m going to get healthier but I end up falling off that path. Finally, I am completely determined! Planet Fitness did a special deal for sign ups so I ran over, signed up, and I have been going to the gym. Right now I live in a dorm situation because my university only has the dorms open for the summer. The end of this month I get to move back into an apartment and I will have a kitchen again. Having a kitchen is going to make it so much easier to eat healthy again. The goal is not to lose weight or get super skinny. I simply want to be healthier so I can feel better. Sharing my journey with you guys is going to help me stay committed. I was thinking about doing a fit Friday (so original). So, this was just an introduction to the idea. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions and if you think fit Friday is a good idea. Have a great day!

Read This if You’re a Voter

Read This if You’re a Voter

No, this post is not about the candidates. This post is not about which candidate is right for the country. This post is about the voters. The people who are supposed to represent our country and the candidates they support. It doesn’t matter which candidate you look at because it seems that every side has supporters who are not fit to make adult decisions such as voting. I am so disappointed in The United States of America’s citizens this election. This post isn’t directed at those who calmly and maturely express their opinion on which candidate they are supporting. Those are the kind of people I love! If you can talk about your views without yelling and fighting, I would just like to say, Thank you!  I am talking to those who are violently expressing their opinion about each candidate. Do you want to be taken seriously? If you are rioting and randomly picking fights at rallies then guess what. No one is taking you seriously!  I know that fighting has been coming from all sides but I recently saw a video highlighting those against Donald Trump. These definitely are not the only ones using violence but I wanted to use their actions as an example. These protestors were randomly attacking people within the area of the rally. They were standing in the street blocking traffic and vandalizing police cars. Who the heck are these people? Why does America have to throw temper tantrums every time they don’t agree with something? I can’t even express the anger and sadness I feel when I hear about these riots. I wish that there was some way to stop these violent attackers from voting. Sadly, that would be wrong. I wish that I had the ability to stand in front of these people and make them understand how idiotic they are being. Unfortunately, I can only express my feelings through this blog. There really isn’t any way that we can get these people to listen because adults acting like children don’t like to be told they’re wrong. If somehow one of these people reads this I plead with you. Please, for the sake of the universe, grow up and talk like and adult!

Customers You Meet In Retail

Customers You Meet In Retail

I currently work as a cashier. Most of the time I have awesome customers who are so nice and understanding. Before I started working in retail, I don’t think I realized all the crazy customers there are in the world. It amazes me every day the things people do and say. So I’m going to list a few of the customers that we all know. Even if you don’t work in retail, I’m sure you’ve still met these customers.

The customer that talks a lot

There’s always that customer that tells you their life story even though you don’t care. They keep talking and talking and clearly you have a line forming. I know that these people probably just want someone to talk to so I just nod my head and put in my input here and there.

The customer who doesn’t look at your light

Cash registers have that light at the top for a reason! If it is on, then the register is open. If it is off, the register is closed. It doesn’t matter if there are people in line. Customers do not pay attention to the light. They will get in line and not care if you need to leave or go help somebody else. Then I awkwardly have to tell the people, “Sorry, I’m closed.” Please pay attention to the lights, people.

The customer who spends “$90,000” a year

When customers don’t get their way, they seem to think threats are going to help. “I spend $90,000 dollars a year here and I’m going to take my business to your competitor.” No, you’re not. You’ll be back tomorrow because we have things our competitor doesn’t. I’m sure he already shops at our competitor and will continue to because they have things we don’t.

The Customer who wants a discount

This guy was buying a sheet of drywall in which the corner was a little bit damaged. He asks me for a discount. I said sure because we usually do that. I offered 10% and he insisted that that wasn’t enough. He tried to tell me that the piece was unusable and I needed to give him a bigger discount. I know for a fact that you can cut drywall and he can continue to use that piece. If it is unusable why are you buying it?

The Customer who takes things out of packages

This type of customer might make me upset more than anything. We sell little PVC pieces that have UPC codes on them so people can buy them individually. We also sell them in packs. The pieces in the packs don’t have UPC’s on them because it’s on the package. If we’re out of the individual ones, customers will open packages instead of asking for somebody to grab some more. That is not ok! You can’t just open packages.

and finally…

The Customer who wants to see a manager

This is probably my favorite customer. I don’t ever lie to customers and try to make up random rules. I always follow our policies and do what I’m told to do. I love when customers get mad at me and want a manager. It is so satisfying when the manager comes and tells them exactly what I just told them. Just because you asked for a manager doesn’t mean that you are going to get what you want.

What’s In My Purse?

What’s In My Purse?

I very much needed to clean out my purse. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone through my purse and got rid of things I don’t need. I don’t really know if people like these kinds of things, but go ahead and let me know if you do or not. First I’ll show you what my purse looks like. I got this purse at target last year. It was probably around $30. The gray (grey? Which way is it spelled?) is really nice because it goes with pretty much everything. The Front pocket is so nice to keep little things in. On the inside of the main part there are a couple of little pockets too. purse













Front Pocket

front pocketNow I’m going to show you what I keep in the front part of the purse. I have two things of lotion and a chapstick. I really only use the bath and body works lotion so I should probably get rid of the other one. Lip balm is an absolute essential! I cannot live without it. Dramamine is also something that’s nice to have because I get motion sickness in the car. So if I happen to go on a long car ride somewhere then I already have some handy. This is everything I keep in that front pocket for easy access.







These all came from my main pocket and are things I never leave out of my purse. First is messentialsy wallet and keys. I don’t think I really need to explain why those are essentials. My wallet is also from target and I think it goes with purse really nicely. Then I have a pen. Whenever I have the pen I don’t need it, but when I need a pen I don’t have it. Does that happen to anyone else? I also have pepper spray because I usually get off work late. You can never be too safe. My last essential is a pouch to keep tampons and liners in. My fellow ladies will understand.





Random(Mostly Trash)

Of course I have random pieces of trash in my purse that I don’t need. This is surprisingly not as much trash as there usually is. I have a random SD card and I don’t know whats on it. There’s a receipt, empty headache medicine, and a glass wipe. Also, if you read my January favorites you’ll see that there’s a guava ball right there. I try to keep some snacks in my purse at all times. Well that’s everything that’s in my purse. Let me know what your purse essentials are and if there’s anything unusual you keep in there.trash

What is Feminism?

What is Feminism?

Feminism seems to be a very popular word right now. As it has been talked about I have realized that I am very confused on where I stand with this topic. I feel like I don’t know what this word really means. Everybody throws it around in all kind of situations. I wanted to empty my thoughts about it and see if anybody else had any input. It seems like there are two sides to the feminism movement. On one side women are being empowered and uplifted. On the other side it seems as if people are abusing the word for their own gain. I want to talk about my thoughts on both sides.

According to the definition of feminism is, “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” This definition makes feminism seem very simple, right? I am all for women and men having equal rights. I don’t think one gender should have an unfair advantage over the other. If I am not mistaken, this is what feminism is actually supposed to be. Women just want to be treated the same as men. That all seems completely harmless. We want to be paid the same, have the same respect as men, and be able to not fear walking the streets at night. When I think of feminism this way, it seems like a very good concept.

As with anything in life, people abuse the word feminism. It seems that women cling onto this word as an excuse for their actions. Sometimes women will use feminism as a way to belittle men. This action is what makes me cringe when I hear the word feminism. Sometimes a woman will hit a man and it’s not big deal. Once that man fights back he is in the wrong. I’m not promoting men hitting women, just as I don’t think women hitting men is right. If a woman uses self-defense she is brave. If a guy uses self defense then he is a coward and in the wrong. I know that is not how everybody in the world feels, but I know it is how a lot of people feel. When women act like this, I get confused.

The extreme difference between the two sides is what makes me confused about feminism. It’s not that I don’t like feminism. I’m just uneducated about the topic. I hope to learn more about feminism so then I can correctly decided how I feel about this topic. Feminism is everywhere right now and being thrown around like it doesn’t have a meaning. I also hope that more people can be educated about feminism so that we can correctly use this term.