DIY Weekly Goals Board

DIY Weekly Goals Board

Hello, everybody! I have recently been wanting to get back into crafting. Crafting is so relaxing to me and makes me so happy. I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw someone with a weekly goal paper. I used their general idea but then changed it up so it wasn’t just paper. You can check out the original pin here.

So the materials I used are:

  • a cork board
  • spray paint(preferably a primer and paint or a 2 in 1)Snapchat-293379770
  • paint brushes
  • acrylic paint
  • sticky notes (could try using paint chips too)
  • cute pushpins





So first, I started by spray painting the cork board. From what I read online, you want to use a primer before the color on cork board. I just used a colored primer and it gave great color payoff. I did about 3 coats to make it really even.  After that was dried I then painted the words “weekly goals” onto the top leaving enough room for six sticky notes below the words. My words do not look the best because I have terrible handwriting. Then I just used the push pins to put the sticky notes on. This was a super simple craft and I’ve been loving havi20170304_214612ng it. I put it in a place that I constantly see. I think this would be a fun project for anybody to do and it was not very expensive. If you guys try it let me know and post a picture below!





“I like crafts that are made out of necessity because they’re a little naive – you made it because you needed it.” ~ Amy Sedaris


DIY Brush Cleaning Mat

DIY Brush Cleaning Mat

Hello people! Cleaning my makeup brushes is not something that I do often but I have been trying to do it more. Both Real Techniques and Sigma sell brush cleaning mats that have different textured designs on them to help with the scrubbing. When I saw those I thought it was a really good idea and I really wanted to buy one of them. I think they sell for around $15. However, I thought of an idea to make one on my own with a plate and hot glue gun. Then I never ended up trying it but I saw it somewhere on Pinterest. Once I saw it I decided that I had to try it. It’s the easiest DIY ever! I already had a hot glue gun so I only ended up spending 88 cents on this. I found a four pack of these plates at Walmart for 88 cents. I wanted to make sure the plate was reusable so it wouldn’t get ruined in the water. I just divided the plate into fourths and then did a different design in each quadrant. Hot glue is really stringy so the designs did not come out pretty. Luckily this DIY worked very well and I will be using it instead of buying one. However, when I tried to wash my beauty sponge the sponge kind of got torn apart. Even when I went lightly. So this maybe isn’t the best for a sponge but it is for the brushes.


Kale and Parmesan One-Pot Pasta

Kale and Parmesan One-Pot Pasta

I have started my new almost vegetarian lifestyle so I have been trying recipes like crazy. I found this recipe on Pinterest and I love me some kale. The original recipe calls for feta but I forgot to buy some so I used parmesan instead. This is a super easy recipe. First, I threw some kale and olive oil in the pot and cooked that for a couple minutes, The recipe said two minutes but I went a little longer so that it could shrink down a little more.

Then after that was done cooking I put the rest of the ingredients in the pot. The rest of the ingredients were water, pasta, halved tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper. I continued to let that cook for 15 minutes and that’s it! There was some excess water after it was done cooking and I did drain that a little bit. Once I put it in my bowl I sprinkled a bunch of parmesan on it. This was really delicious and light. I am totally going to be making this again. Let me know if you guys have any one-pot recipes that you love!


Indoor Camp Date

Indoor Camp Date

I am one of those people who would much rather stay home instead of going out. Also staying home is a lot cheaper than going out. So one day I decided to surprise my boyfriend and do a really fun indoor date, but coming up with fun things to do really isn’t my strong point. We usually just go get something to eat when we want to do something. I just went on pinterest and searched for fun indoor dates and I saw a lot of things about indoor camping. This is so perfect because I just happen to own a tent type thing. It’s actually a half tent, because one side is open. I think it’s for sitting at sports games. So I set that up on the porch and then went to walmart to grab some s’mores stuff. The problem with trying to do indoors s’mores is that you can’t have campfire. I was so stuck on what was going to be good for roasting marshmallows but eventually I decided that tea lights could work. Also, apparently now they sell flat marshmallows specifically for s’mores. This is such a great invention!  So I got some of those, graham crackers, hershey bars, and mr.goodbars. If you guys haven’t used mr.goodbars for s’mores then you need to. It is so yummy! After Walmart I went home and threw all my blankets and pillows in the tent. Then I attempted to set the s’mores stuff all cute on a plate but it didn’t really work. Then I put some tea lights in a circle and put those on a plate so it could catch any wax. The tea lights worked! They actually cooked the marshmallows really well. It was probably one of the funnest (real word?) dates ever! We just sat in the tent and made s’mores and talked about whatever. I would totally recommend doing this. You also don’t need to have a tent. You can just put some blankets or chairs on the ground. Have you guys ever done any other fun indoor dates?camp date

Coconut Butter Problems

Coconut Butter Problems

I always see recipes on pinterest for no bake protein bars/balls but there’s one problem with them all. I do not like peanut butter. You don’t need to tell me how weird I am because everybody already tells me enough. Peanut butter is one of the most important ingredients in these protein bars/balls because that’s what holds it all together. So I went on over to sprouts to see if I could find an alternative and I found it! The alternative is coconut butter and I think it was around $10. I love coconuts so I thought I would give it a try. The recipe I’m using is one I found a pinterest (which you can find here) but I changed two ingredients in it. Instead of peanut butter and honey, I used coconut butter and agave nectar. If you don’t know what agave nectar is, it’s a sweetener kind of like honey but not as sweet. I prefer it over honey but that’s just my opinion. The other three ingredients in this recipe are old fashioned oats, ground flax seed, and chocolate chips. Let me tell you what, coconut butter is hard to work with.
Wcoconut butterhen coconut butter is room temperature or colder it is hard. So I first had to warm the jar in warm water until it was a spreadable consistency. I just stirred it until it was basically like peanut butter. Also, this isn’t really something I would eat by the spoonful. It’s definitely not as sweet as peanut butter. I think it really depends on what you like though. To me it was pretty bland.






Then I went ahead a mixed everything together. It seemed like everything was going good. Then you are supposed to put the mixture in the fridge for 15-30 minutes so thatmixed it’s easier to roll into balls. The whole reason for this is because peanut butter isn’t as sticky when it’s chilled. One problem, I’m not using peanut butter and coconut butter is hard when it’s chilled. That didn’t occur to me though and I just went ahead and chilled it.









What was I thinking? Rolling these into balls was near impossible. The coconut butter went hard so they weren’t sticking together. So I tried microwaving it for a little bit just to softenfail the coconut butter. It didn’t work. They still weren’t rolling into balls.  I had no idea what I was going to do instead. So I decided to just stick these into a cake pan to make bars and I put them back in the fridge. After an hour or two I decided to cut a bar out. It still fell apart, but it tasted yummy  so I can’t really complain. Since they taste good I would definitely recommend them. If you’re going to use coconut butter I would say to try rolling them before putting them in the fridge. I’m going to try using coconut butter on more things and then I will report back to you guys!





No-Sew tank top

No-Sew tank top

So pinterest has been my best friend lately. I found a tutorial on there for turning an old t-shirt into a tanktop. I thought this was perfect, because I went through a stage where I bought everything a little too big. I didn’t take pictures of my progress but you can look at pictures of it on this blog.

Before I cut the shirt (ignore the flash)


1. Cut off the sleeves and the collar. Cut the bottom at at least a half inch above the seam.

2. Turn the shirt over and a cut a deep V.

3. Take the bottom of the shirt you cut off. Cut off the seam and then stretch the fabric that is left. You need to stretch it A lot. You’ll get something similar to a noodle.

4. Take the noodle and tie the straps together at the bottom of the V. Twist it around and around and then knot it at the other end. Cut off the loose ends

Here are my results. It didn’t turn out as good as it could have, but it was ok for my first try.

the front
the back