Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

As with any family we have our traditions that we do every year around the Christmas season. One of the traditions we do is go light looking. We drive around the city and see all the decorated houses. Last night we went and there was a neighborhood that had eight houses that had worked together. Their lights were all synced up with one of the radio stations. Those are always my favorite kind of houses.

Another one of our traditions is homemade pizza on Christmas eve. This is one of my favorite traditions!  My family all gets together and we each make our own individual pizzas. It’s so fun to get together with family, play games, and just have time to laugh. I look forward to this every year and hope the tradition never dies. When I have a family of my own the tradition will live on.

I want to hear about your traditions because that is one of my favorite things to learn about people!



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