The Good Girl

The Good Girl

Now that I finally have a break from school I am able to read and finish all the books I want. I honestly started this book so early in the year but I’ve also been in school the entire year. With that said, this is such a good book!  Let me give you the gist of the story without spilling too much. This girl, Mia, is kidnapped by a man named Colin. He takes her to a cabin in the woods, but that was not his original plan. He takes her there because he wan20161220_204108ts to protect her from someone. Now the story is told from Colin’s point of view and also the detective’s and Mia’s mom’s point of view. The story also switches back and forth from before Mia was rescued and after Mia is rescued. Whenever stories switch like that I tend to get a bit confused in the beginning. I caught up quickly and I really liked the switching of views. The very last chapter is told from Mia’s point of view and it gives a very good twist in the story. I do not want to spoil it because I want you to go read the book! I loved it and I would totally recommend it to anyone. If you have any good book suggestions, let me know so I can read them!







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