My New Favorite Makeup Remover

My New Favorite Makeup Remover

All throughout middle school, high school, and most of college I only used the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I thought that those were the best things in the world and nothing could be better. Then Garnier came out with their micellar cleansing water. I switched to that for most of this year. That stuff is amazing and takes the makeup off so easily. Well then I ran out of that stuff and my roommate had this makeup remover. It’s the Neutrogena ultra light cleansing oil. Honestly, I first experience using it was heavenly. It removed everything so easy and fast. So I went and bought it and now I feel like this is the most amazing thing in the world. All you do is pump it onto you dry hands and then rub it onto your dry face. After rubbing it in for a little bit you add water and it emulsifies. It turns kind of soapy and then the cleaning starts happening. Here’s what Neutrogena says about it on their website:

“…completely cleans skin and removes makeup, even waterproof mascara, with no greasy residue. This lightweight formula contains a blend of fine oils that act like a magnet to effortlessly and effectively extract oil and impurities. Leaves skin feeling soft and healthy every day.”

It’s true that it doesn’t leave any greasy residue. With the micellar water I have to wash my face afterwards because my skin is oily after use. With the cleansing oil my face feels fine after. I still wash my skin afterwards but I don’t feel the need to. It also doesn’t dry out m20161206_182200y skin because it has the oils in it. I would totally recommend this and I will probably being using it for a long time. Getting me to change makeup removers is kind of hard. Let me know what your favorite type of makeup remover is so I can try it out.









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