Kale and Parmesan One-Pot Pasta

Kale and Parmesan One-Pot Pasta

I have started my new almost vegetarian lifestyle so I have been trying recipes like crazy. I found this recipe on Pinterest and I love me some kale. The original recipe calls for feta but I forgot to buy some so I used parmesan instead. This is a super easy recipe. First, I threw some kale and olive oil in the pot and cooked that for a couple minutes, The recipe said two minutes but I went a little longer so that it could shrink down a little more.

Then after that was done cooking I put the rest of the ingredients in the pot. The rest of the ingredients were water, pasta, halved tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper. I continued to let that cook for 15 minutes and that’s it! There was some excess water after it was done cooking and I did drain that a little bit. Once I put it in my bowl I sprinkled a bunch of parmesan on it. This was really delicious and light. I am totally going to be making this again. Let me know if you guys have any one-pot recipes that you love!



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