Ok… I Was Wrong

Ok… I Was Wrong

If you read my post about my lip collection you saw me talk about the Too Faced melted liquid lipsticks. I was really disappointed with them. Those lipsticks were so talked up everywhere and they did not meet my expectations. They dried my lips out and were not long lasting like they claimed. If I let them dry down for about an hour they do last a little bit longer but that means not letting anything touch my lips for that time. After buying two of them I decided that I was not going to buy anymore but…. I ended up purchasing another one the other day. This time, I bought the matte formula which is a fairly recent line that they came out with. I had heard from people that this formula was better and lasted much longer. First off, I didn’t think I was going to like the new packaging cause I honestly like the squeezy tube the other ones come in. Yup, I was wrong about that too because I actually like the new packaging. This lipstick claims to have a plumping effect which I didn’t really notice. It is also infused with avocado oil, vitamin E, and hyaluronic spheres. I looked up what hyaluronic spheres are and they are supposed to fill wrinkles and help nourish the skin. As with any product, this had some pros and cons.


  • It dries really fast- you can eat right after you’re done putting it on
  • It lasts all day- I didn’t see much fading at all throughout the day
  • Really easy to apply and very comfortable


  • It dries really fast- cleaning it up can be kind of hard
  • It can be really drying but not unbearable
  • Sometimes it gets flakey

All in all, I would totally recommend this to everyone! I bought this at Sephora for $21. I got the color Who’s Zoomin Who but I want every color. Let me know if you guys have a favorite color in this line and what other liquid lipsticks I should try.

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6 thoughts on “Ok… I Was Wrong

  1. I really like the original Melted lipsticks but the matte ones are not good. I swatched the dark navy blue shade you’re wearing at the store and it didn’t dry fast like it claimed it would. Plus it got on the dress I wore that day. My favorite liquid lipsticks are from Jeffree Star and NYX

    1. When I swatched it on my hand at the store it didn’t dry fast but once I actually put it on it did. And I only had it on for a couple minutes before I ate and it didn’t wear off at all while eating. I personally like the matte line more. The other ones were too drying and wore off too quickly for me. I also really like the NYX ones and I want to try Jeffree Star’s.

      1. Hmmm maybe I’ll try one then…you’ve convinced me! And yes you definitely gotta try Jeffree Star’s lipsticks. They don’t fade throughout the day and there are so many color options

      2. I always put foundation and a little concealer over my lips as a sort of primer before the lipstick. And also the night before I use lip scrubs to keep my lips moisturized.

  2. Nice post~ Hey check out my posts too. I do makeup and skincare as well 😀

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