Read This if You’re a Voter

Read This if You’re a Voter

No, this post is not about the candidates. This post is not about which candidate is right for the country. This post is about the voters. The people who are supposed to represent our country and the candidates they support. It doesn’t matter which candidate you look at because it seems that every side has supporters who are not fit to make adult decisions such as voting. I am so disappointed in The United States of America’s citizens this election. This post isn’t directed at those who calmly and maturely express their opinion on which candidate they are supporting. Those are the kind of people I love! If you can talk about your views without yelling and fighting, I would just like to say, Thank you!  I am talking to those who are violently expressing their opinion about each candidate. Do you want to be taken seriously? If you are rioting and randomly picking fights at rallies then guess what. No one is taking you seriously!  I know that fighting has been coming from all sides but I recently saw a video highlighting those against Donald Trump. These definitely are not the only ones using violence but I wanted to use their actions as an example. These protestors were randomly attacking people within the area of the rally. They were standing in the street blocking traffic and vandalizing police cars. Who the heck are these people? Why does America have to throw temper tantrums every time they don’t agree with something? I can’t even express the anger and sadness I feel when I hear about these riots. I wish that there was some way to stop these violent attackers from voting. Sadly, that would be wrong. I wish that I had the ability to stand in front of these people and make them understand how idiotic they are being. Unfortunately, I can only express my feelings through this blog. There really isn’t any way that we can get these people to listen because adults acting like children don’t like to be told they’re wrong. If somehow one of these people reads this I plead with you. Please, for the sake of the universe, grow up and talk like and adult!


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