Customers You Meet In Retail

Customers You Meet In Retail

I currently work as a cashier. Most of the time I have awesome customers who are so nice and understanding. Before I started working in retail, I don’t think I realized all the crazy customers there are in the world. It amazes me every day the things people do and say. So I’m going to list a few of the customers that we all know. Even if you don’t work in retail, I’m sure you’ve still met these customers.

The customer that talks a lot

There’s always that customer that tells you their life story even though you don’t care. They keep talking and talking and clearly you have a line forming. I know that these people probably just want someone to talk to so I just nod my head and put in my input here and there.

The customer who doesn’t look at your light

Cash registers have that light at the top for a reason! If it is on, then the register is open. If it is off, the register is closed. It doesn’t matter if there are people in line. Customers do not pay attention to the light. They will get in line and not care if you need to leave or go help somebody else. Then I awkwardly have to tell the people, “Sorry, I’m closed.” Please pay attention to the lights, people.

The customer who spends “$90,000” a year

When customers don’t get their way, they seem to think threats are going to help. “I spend $90,000 dollars a year here and I’m going to take my business to your competitor.” No, you’re not. You’ll be back tomorrow because we have things our competitor doesn’t. I’m sure he already shops at our competitor and will continue to because they have things we don’t.

The Customer who wants a discount

This guy was buying a sheet of drywall in which the corner was a little bit damaged. He asks me for a discount. I said sure because we usually do that. I offered 10% and he insisted that that wasn’t enough. He tried to tell me that the piece was unusable and I needed to give him a bigger discount. I know for a fact that you can cut drywall and he can continue to use that piece. If it is unusable why are you buying it?

The Customer who takes things out of packages

This type of customer might make me upset more than anything. We sell little PVC pieces that have UPC codes on them so people can buy them individually. We also sell them in packs. The pieces in the packs don’t have UPC’s on them because it’s on the package. If we’re out of the individual ones, customers will open packages instead of asking for somebody to grab some more. That is not ok! You can’t just open packages.

and finally…

The Customer who wants to see a manager

This is probably my favorite customer. I don’t ever lie to customers and try to make up random rules. I always follow our policies and do what I’m told to do. I love when customers get mad at me and want a manager. It is so satisfying when the manager comes and tells them exactly what I just told them. Just because you asked for a manager doesn’t mean that you are going to get what you want.


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