March Favorites

March Favorites


I got this shirt at forever 21 for around $12 I think. It kind of looks like a crop top in this picture but it is longer. I’m not really into crop tops so I like the length of it. I unfowhite shirtrtunately couldn’t find it on their website to put a link.













My arrow bracelet- This bracelet stands for “press forward with a steadfastness in christ” and I love that! I also really like that it’s adjustable because I have the tiniest wrists in the world. I got this at deseret book for $7 bracelet










My Warby Parker glasses- If you haven’t checked out warby parker then you need to. They sell glasses and each pair is only $95. You get to pick out 5 frames and they send them to you for a home try on for free! Once you find the pair you like then you just order them with your prescription. The best part? For every pair bought a pair gets donated. Go check them out!

warby parker


Biore baking soda cleansing scrub- I’m sure you’ve heard about this because I keep hearing about it. This is a powder face wash that you add a little bit of water to and then wash your face with it. The powder also dissolves so you don’t over scrub. Biore says this is really good for combination skin, my skin type, and I love it! It feels so nice on my face and kind of feels like it has some skin tightening ability.


Fuller house- Yeah I had doubts about this show and I was so wrong. This show is so great! I’m so sad that there’s only one season. I can’t wait for the next season. Go watch it!


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