Indoor Camp Date

Indoor Camp Date

I am one of those people who would much rather stay home instead of going out. Also staying home is a lot cheaper than going out. So one day I decided to surprise my boyfriend and do a really fun indoor date, but coming up with fun things to do really isn’t my strong point. We usually just go get something to eat when we want to do something. I just went on pinterest and searched for fun indoor dates and I saw a lot of things about indoor camping. This is so perfect because I just happen to own a tent type thing. It’s actually a half tent, because one side is open. I think it’s for sitting at sports games. So I set that up on the porch and then went to walmart to grab some s’mores stuff. The problem with trying to do indoors s’mores is that you can’t have campfire. I was so stuck on what was going to be good for roasting marshmallows but eventually I decided that tea lights could work. Also, apparently now they sell flat marshmallows specifically for s’mores. This is such a great invention!  So I got some of those, graham crackers, hershey bars, and mr.goodbars. If you guys haven’t used mr.goodbars for s’mores then you need to. It is so yummy! After Walmart I went home and threw all my blankets and pillows in the tent. Then I attempted to set the s’mores stuff all cute on a plate but it didn’t really work. Then I put some tea lights in a circle and put those on a plate so it could catch any wax. The tea lights worked! They actually cooked the marshmallows really well. It was probably one of the funnest (real word?) dates ever! We just sat in the tent and made s’mores and talked about whatever. I would totally recommend doing this. You also don’t need to have a tent. You can just put some blankets or chairs on the ground. Have you guys ever done any other fun indoor dates?camp date


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