New Favorite Foundation

New Favorite Foundation

I was using an Ulta foundation for the longest time. I thought that I really liked it. It was a great color and stayed on well. As time went on I realized that I hated it. The Ulta foundation I was using was so cakey, and I don’t know how it took me so long to notice. My skin is combination type and with this foundation my skin would start to feel really oily. So the hunt for a new foundation began. I went to Target and kind of just walked around the makeup section when I came across this Revlon foundation. This is the Revlon colorstay foundation. What caught my eye was that it was specifically for oily or combination skin. The bad thing about my Target is that it doesn’t have testers so I kind of just guessed. I ended up getting the shade nude #200. Nude is a little light for me but it’s fixable with a little bit of bronzer. So far I really like this foundation! It applies really nicely. My face doesn’t feel oily and the foundation isn’t too heavy on my skin. This foundation lasts all day and does not cake up at all.  I would very much recommend this foundation. Are there any products you think I should try?foundation


2 thoughts on “New Favorite Foundation

  1. You should definitely try out the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation! It’s great for all skin types and usually has mini testers of each shade. Nice review xx

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