Lush Review: 93,000 miles

Lush Review: 93,000 miles

If you have not discovered Lush yet go find your nearest one right now. Go. Run to the beautiful wonderland that is Lush. What I am talking about today is one of their shower jellies. Shower jellies changed my life! They are so magical. I previously had a shower jelly in the scent whoosh. Whoosh was a citrus scented jelly with orange, lemon, and grapefruit. The label on that one said that whoosh was supposed to help energize you and wake you up. I don’t really think it did either of those, but it smelled amazing.

This time around I decided to try 93,000 miles. This scent has cinnamon and spearmint in it. It smells like Big Red gum. The label on this one says that it is good for sore muscles. I have not tried it out on any sore muscles yet. Looks like I need to go to the gym soon. Another thing that I love is putting this in the fridge. Using a cold jelly while taking a hot shower is so ridiculously refreshing. One great thing about these jellies is that there isn’t any sulfates in them. They’re not going to dry out the skin. I know cinnamon can be really irritating on some people’s skin though. Another great thing is that they don’t use gelatin in these. What makes them like jell-o is the carrageenan. Carrageenan is extracted from a certain type of seaweed and is really softening on the skin. I love this product and I would totally recommend it to anyone. I think I got this size for about $6.95 ish. If you want to check it out and other lush jellies go ahead and click here. If you are sensitive to cinnamon I would recommend being careful with 93,000 miles. Go ahead and tell me what your favorite Lush product is so I can check it out!




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