Melted Nude

Melted Nude

Today I decided to test how long the Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks last. I own both melted nude and melted villain. For today I decided to test melted nude and another time I will test melted villain. I have worn this lipstick before with a primer underneath and it has lasted pretty much the whole day. For this test I wanted to not use any primer so I can see the longevity of the lipstick itself. There was some chapstick already on my lips because my lips were so dry. I applied it pretty late in the day just because I didn’t have school or work today so I slept in.melted nude

1150 am

Am I the only person who eats really weirdly careful when they have lipstick on? When I ate lunch I tried very hard to make sure my lips didn’t touch the fork as to not wipe any of it off. Of course that isn’t entirely realistic though. I have been able to eat a burrito and end up with my lipstick still looking the same. Unfortunately this lipstick didn’t really last during lunch and I wasn’t even eating a burrito.

205 pm

A little bit after lunch I actually did end up applying just a bit more to help it a little bit. I should have taken another picture between lunch and the end of the day. I was lasting pretty well until I ate some pasta. Let’s be honest though. Not many lipsticks can make it through pasta. By the end of the day I did have a minimal amount of the lipstick on but my lips were in dire need of some lipbalm. I definitely think this lipstick did pretty well on its own and I know that it does well with a primer. There are better liquid lipsticks out there but I would recommend people giving these a try. I enjoy both of the shades I own. Feel free to let me know how you feel about these lipsticks and if there’s anymore you want me to try!












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