Favorite Healthy Snack

Favorite Healthy Snack

Just a bit of an update: Wow! I have not posted since October! I know eventually I will be really good about posting. I’m still trying to figure out my posting schedule and what I’ll be posting about. I’m thinking about having two days where I post about the same subject each week and then one day where I post something random. Anyways, onto the post.

While grocery shopping the other day, I had was trying to think of a new snack that i could have. Normally I gravitate towards chips and cheez-its.(is that how you spell it?) This time around I wanted something healthy. Greek yogurt is something that I love. I can totally just eat plain greek yogurt all day but I wanted to have some variety. So I was thinking of what else I can do other than just fruit and yogurt. I needed to have some kind of crunch in there. Then that’s when I thought of my perfect snack.

What you need for this snack is: rice cakes, greek yogurt, and any kind of fruit. This is so incredibly simple. I just take a rice cake and spread the yogurt on it. Then I top it with fruit. You can use any kind of fruit you want. In the picture below I used strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and bananas. I would try to get the unsalted rice cakes if I were you. This snack is so easy and simple and I hope you guys try it!




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