Things I Liked in October!

Things I Liked in October!

Halloween!!!- October is the month of my favorite holiday! I didn’t really have a big budget for halloween decorations. I just went to the dollar store and grabbed some cute things for our apartment. This year for my costume some friends and I dressed up as arthur characters. I was dressed as Arthur and we also had a Buster and a Francine. And if you go look at my instagram @sarahwithani you can see the picture with all three of us.Instasize_1101134738

American Horror Story- Freak Show: Netflix put the new season of AHS up and I am obsessed! This season has been my favorite so far. I am so jealous of everybody who gets to watch Hotel.

20151022_123509My Nike Roshes: I went ahead and decided to spoil myself this month and buy myself a new pair of nice shoes. Nike has a pair of blue Roshes that I have been wanting for a while. I actually didn’t get those ones because I found a really cool pair on clearance. I pretty much wear them everyday.

My basil Plant: I recently needed some basil for a recipe (which will be my next favorite) but I couldn’t find any at the store! After work one day I just decided to buy a whole plant. Then I realized how much I like planting. I think I might get some more plants. The only problem is that I live in an apartment so I’m pretty limited on what I can grow.

Tomato Basil Chicken-  This recipe is so good! I found that I like normal tomatoes in it rather than cherry tomatoes. Also I put mine over rice rather than pasta. If you want the recipe you can click right here.

Can’t Sleep Love by pentatonix



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