Book Review: Grounded (Book 1)

Book Review: Grounded (Book 1)

I have recently joined this website called BookBub. The website tells you about discounted or free ebooks. I don’t always downloaded the books they tell me about. Grounded by G.P. Ching was one of the free books that BookBub told me about. I have absolutely fallen in love with this book! The book is based in a future world where a corrupt government, called the Green Republic, has taken over. However the amish community refused to follow the new ways and the government built a wall around their community. The main character is about a girl named Lydia who has grown up in this amish community. Her father becomes ill and the only chance of saving him is by sending him to a doctor outside the wall. Because her father is outside the wall she decides to go on rumspringa with her best friend. Rumspringa is when the amish go live in the english world for a little bit before being baptized. While in a safe house in the english world one little light switch changes her life forever. Her vacation turns into a horrible adventure, and she ends up learning secrets about her and her father’s past. All in all I really loved this book. I love the characters and all the plot twists that happen throughout the story. I gave this book 5 stars on goodreads. I would recommend this book to anybody. The next book is called charged and I can’t wait to read it.


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