What is Feminism?

What is Feminism?

Feminism seems to be a very popular word right now. As it has been talked about I have realized that I am very confused on where I stand with this topic. I feel like I don’t know what this word really means. Everybody throws it around in all kind of situations. I wanted to empty my thoughts about it and see if anybody else had any input. It seems like there are two sides to the feminism movement. On one side women are being empowered and uplifted. On the other side it seems as if people are abusing the word for their own gain. I want to talk about my thoughts on both sides.

According to dictionary.com the definition of feminism is, “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” This definition makes feminism seem very simple, right? I am all for women and men having equal rights. I don’t think one gender should have an unfair advantage over the other. If I am not mistaken, this is what feminism is actually supposed to be. Women just want to be treated the same as men. That all seems completely harmless. We want to be paid the same, have the same respect as men, and be able to not fear walking the streets at night. When I think of feminism this way, it seems like a very good concept.

As with anything in life, people abuse the word feminism. It seems that women cling onto this word as an excuse for their actions. Sometimes women will use feminism as a way to belittle men. This action is what makes me cringe when I hear the word feminism. Sometimes a woman will hit a man and it’s not big deal. Once that man fights back he is in the wrong. I’m not promoting men hitting women, just as I don’t think women hitting men is right. If a woman uses self-defense she is brave. If a guy uses self defense then he is a coward and in the wrong. I know that is not how everybody in the world feels, but I know it is how a lot of people feel. When women act like this, I get confused.

The extreme difference between the two sides is what makes me confused about feminism. It’s not that I don’t like feminism. I’m just uneducated about the topic. I hope to learn more about feminism so then I can correctly decided how I feel about this topic. Feminism is everywhere right now and being thrown around like it doesn’t have a meaning. I also hope that more people can be educated about feminism so that we can correctly use this term.


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