My Study Tips

My Study Tips

I have learned a lot my last 15 years of school. There isn’t a right way to study but there are wrong ways to study. I just wanted to share my favorite things that I do while I am studying.

  1. Get Comfy!-  How are you going to be able to focus on studying if you are not comfortable? When I am about to study I tend to put on my footie pajamas or a pair of sweats. I also like to study in my bed or on the couch. I know a lot of people are against studying in their beds. You can always make a study nook in a corner with some blankets and pillows.
  2. Turn on Some Tunes- I cannot study in silence. A lot of people are really into listening to classical music while they study. For me it depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to the top 100 or sometimes I prefer Frank Sinatra. I don’t know why having this background noise helps so much. I always study more when I have it.
  3. Get a Planner- Having all your assignments written down in one place just really helps with organization. As soon as a teacher gives me an assignment, I make sure to write it down so I don’t forget. I also write down other events that are going on in my life such as school events or when I have to work.
  4. Schedule Your Study Time- If you schedule your study time in, it makes it a lot easier to actually study. In my planner I right down when I am going to do an assignment. For example, a teacher will give me an assignment Tuesday and I write down to do that assignment on Thursday. I also write down when the assignment is due and highlight it. Most of my assignments are due by Sunday. Having the due date highlighted helps me to remember that a deadline is coming up.
  5. Reward Yourself- I have a hard time sitting and doing my homework all at once. If it’s a short assignment I try to knock it out. However, if it is a paper I try to do the assignment in sections. I’ll write a little bit and then I’ll stop an reward myself. I usually end up watching a YouTube video. You can also reward yourself with maybe a netflix episode or even a walk.

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