My 10 Favorite Places in Colorado Springs

My 10 Favorite Places in Colorado Springs

I’ve lived most of my life in Colorado Springs, CO. It is my favorite place in Colorado. Even though I plan on living in Arizona after school, if I came back to Colorado I couldn’t live anywhere else. There are so many things to do and see, and everything is so beautiful. Here are my top 10 favorite things to do and see in Colorado Springs.

10. Manitou Springs- This is not a part of Colorado Springs. Trust me, the residents will remind you if you say that it is. It is not far from us though. The part I’m thinking of is a strip of shops. There are so many things to do such as shopping, the penny arcade, and the manitou incline. I just like going down and walking around.

9. Old Colorado City- This is a lot like downtown Colorado Springs. There’s shops and restaurants. Just like with Manitou, I like to just walk around and look at all the cute shops. Also every year during memorial day weekend they do this thing called Territory Days. It’s kind of like a big festival. There’s vendors, food, and music. It is one of my most favorite events every year. I love it! There’s also funnel cake!

8. Olympic Training Center- That’s right, Colorado Springs is home to one of the three olympic training centers in the United States. It is completely free to go in and walk around. You can see where the athletes train. I have been to the olympic training center so many times. It’s just so cool that I never get tired of it.

7. Palmer Park- This is a huge park that is a little over 700 acres. It’s full of hiking trails, a dog park, picnic areas, and a playground. Palmer Park is like our own little forest in the city. You can also get a nice view of the city from here.

Image by Jessica Lamirand via
Image by Jessica Lamirand via Flickr

6. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo- I just like zoos in general. Any zoo is an awesome place to me. Ours is on a mountain so it’s also a hike while looking at animals. It’s not one of the best zoos in the world but I love it because of the memories from when I was a kid.

5. Pioneer Museum- This might be a lame place for anybody else in Colorado Springs. The Pioneer Museum is one of my favorite museums. Located in downtown it is in our old courthouse. The museum just shows the history of colorado springs. I went there a lot as a kid and that’s probably the reason I love it. It’s also free!

4. The North Pole- This is also not in Colorado Springs, but is actually in Cascade. It’s close enough though. The north pole is a christmas themed amusement park mostly aimed towards young children. There is tons of fun stuff to do for the whole family though. It is opened May through December.

3. Pikes Peak- I’m pretty sure this is our highest mountain in our city. You can see it no matter where you are in the springs. If you go to the top there is a gift shop and a restaurant. You can either drive up there or take the Cog Railway. This is a little train that will take you to the top.

Image via wikipedia
Image via wikipedia

2. The Manitou Incline- I mentioned this earlier when talking about manitou springs. This is a very popular hiking trail. It used to be a railway that took supplies up the mountain, but was destroyed during a rockslide. It literally looks like someone carved stairs into the mountain. Even though it is only a mile long, you are gaining 2,000 feet in elevation.

Image by W.G. Dayton
Image by W.G. Dayton via flickr

1. Garden of the Gods- This is my number one favorite place in colorado springs! This is a park that is a national natural landmark full of red rock formations. There’s hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding along with other things. It’s just so pretty and peaceful. If you come to Colorado Springs, CO, you need to visit at least one of these ten places.

Image via Joshua John
Image via Joseph John

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