Ipsy Bag January 2015

Ipsy Bag January 2015

If you do not know what ipsy is, it is a monthly makeup subscription bag. For 10 dollars a month you get a makeup bag with 4-5 makeup/skincare products in it. The website has you take a quiz so they know what kind of products you like, and what shades to give you. So people receive different products each month according to their needs. They’re usually travel size with a few full sized products every once in a while. This is my second month doing it. I got a bag last month but never got around to writing about it. This will probably be my last bag for a while because I need to save my money right now. Last month’s bag had some good things such as a tarte mascara, nyx lip balm, and hair treatment. I am absolutely in love with this month’s bag! I love the bag and all the products in it. Also the bag is mailed in this really cute pink padded envelope. The bag this month was blue on one side and white on the other with an orange zipper.

20150130_142952 20150130_143029

I received 5 different things this month. One of the first products that I received is this Manna Kadar cosmetics sheer glo. The description says “Sheer Glo is an incandescent liquid that lights up skin with all over radiance. Mix with foundation or 20150130_143059wear alone to provide a luminous glow for all skin types.” So it’s like a highlighter lotion. There is only one shade of this product. It’s like a pinky, shiny color. I’ve never really used a product like this, so I am still learning how to use it. This is just a sample size, but it seems like a nice amount of product. I’m sure a little goes a long way. A full size bottle of this is $30.

The next product I was really excited about is a renewing eye cream by Nourish Organic. It has avocado oil, moroccan argan oil, and shea butter in it. I was excited to receive it because I don’t really have anything like this. I am also always excited to try new skin care products. It has a really nice smell to it also. I don’t really know how to 20150130_143044describe it.  I really like it so far. It’s nice and creamy and not oily feeling at all. I think it’s a nice size. I can’t really find this particular one on the Nourish Organic website. This one just says renewing eye cream. On the website I found a renewing + cooling eye cream. A full size of that is $20.

The next product is something everybody got. It is a full sized pacifica eyeshadow. It is a natural mineral coconut eyeshadow. I received mine in the shade ethereal. It is a super light shade. I tried to swatch it and take a picture and it just was not showing up. I’m not sure how much I am going to use this, just because it is so light. It think it would work really well as a highlighter. I was hoping to get the shade treasure which is a light brown color. This color is almost white. I was looking at the pacifica website and it says it is a 100% vegan and cruelty free company. That is always a plus. I can’t really get a price on this because all of their shadows are sold in palettes. 20150130_143149This must just have been an ipsy special. Their palettes retail for around $14.

I saved my favorite two products for last. These two products go together. I got a real techniques fine liner brush, and a J. Cat beauty FANTABULOUS gel eye liner. Most of my brushes are already real techniques so this was just perfect for me. I love their brushes and I do not have a fine liner brush. I don’t have a picture of the packaging it came in. When I got my package I was so excited I just tore into the packaging. The eye liner came in the shade blue black. I only have black liner, so it is cool to have a little bit of a different color. I really love it! It goes on smoothly. I use it with the brush and the20150130_144130 brush applies smoothly. Definitely my two favorite things this month! This looks like a full size which sells for $4. So there’s my ipsy bag. I’m super sad that I am not going to be getting another one for a while. Every once in a while I’ll do it again.


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