4 Tips for Surviving College

4 Tips for Surviving College

College is a wonderful time of new responsibility and new discovery. I’m a sophomore in college this year and learned a lot of things my freshman year. I went from living with my mom to living in a whole other state with 5 other girls who I did not know. My mom had given me a good amount of freedom in high school so I was prepared for the responsibility coming. There was definitely a lot more stuff to learn that year.

The first tip for surviving college is that school should come first! This seems like the most obvious tip ever. A lot of people, including myself, can forget this sometimes. One of the reasons you are in college is to get an education that you are going to be using in your career. Your goal should not be to just pass your classes. It should be to actually learn something so that you know what you are doing once you get out in the real world. Make sure to take school seriously.

The second tip for surviving college is to make sure to have some fun. College isn’t just about eat, sleep, and school. It is also the time in your life where you are supposed to make memories. Everybody needs some fun in their life. It is the best way to balance the stress out of your life. Make sure you’re having fun with the right people. I found some amazing friends my freshman year who I always have a good time with. It’s good to spend time with them after a stressful week of school.

The next tip is that you are not going to like everybody that you’re living with and you don’t have to. My school has a couple different layouts of housing. And both last year and this year I am in a six person room. There’s three girls in each room and then we’re connected by a common living area. When you move in and meet everybody you all think you’re going to be BFF’s. That may be true for the first two weeks of school. Then you guys realize that you may not actually be very good friends or you just might find other friends. I didn’t really hang out much with my roommates the first semester. In fact one roommate I actually completely stopped talking to, because she was a bully. I got to know my other roommates better the second semester and realized we all had a problem with this one girl. It got so bad that we all felt uncomfortable in our own room. Nobody should feel uncomfortable in their room. The best thing to do would be to talk about our problems. Of course we didn’t and everything all came out at once. It’s ok to not be best friends with your roommates. If you are having problems, you need to talk it out. It will eventually all come out at some point. You should be able to talk out your problems like adults, because you are adults.

The final tip I have for surviving college is be careful with your meal plan. This is my second year of school and I still have trouble not being able to get my meal plan to last the whole semester. I usually get down to the last couple weeks and realize that I’m going to be out very soon. Do not use it like crazy. It is there so you can eat and not have to spend all your money on food. But if you use it all up then you’re going to be spending all your money on food for the rest of the semester.

These are just some things I have learned while being in college. I’m definitely using these tips to help me survive my second year of college. I know college is going to be one of the best times of my life so I’m hoping to enjoy it and get as many memories out of it as I can.


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