Real Techniques makeup brushes

Real Techniques makeup brushes

Snapchat-20140728010346 The only actual makeup brushes I had ever used were e.l.f brushes.The worked fine and I hadn’t tried anything else so I didn’t know the difference. Mine were starting to fall apart though. Lately I have been in the mood of trying all kinds of new makeup. New brushes, new foundation, new mascara, new everything. It was around the time of my birthday so I had some extra money. I went to Ulta and was looking around. I wanted a set since it is usually cheaper than buying individual brushes. This brush set looked pretty cool and really soft. It’s called real techniques by samantha chapman.They were about $20. It comes with a powder brush, contouring brush, and an eye brush. I pulled them out of the packaging and they are so soft! They are duo-fiber, which means they have short and long lengths. 

I’ll start talking about the foundation brush. I noticed on my e.l.f brush that it liked to push the powder around and a lot of it would go to waste. With this brush it actually picks up the powder quite well and does not send it flying all over the countertop. It was very soft on my face and applied the powder evenly. I very much like it.

When I first saw the contouring brush I didn’t actually read the box and I assumed it was a blush brush. I haven’t really ever tried contouring, but I do use blush. I use blush to give a little color to my face because sometimes my foundation can wash me out. I’m always kind of inbetween shades. I decided to go ahead and see if this would work as a blush brush. It actually works very well. It picks up the blush well. I’ll probably go ahead and buy a blush brush from the same brand, but I am satisfied with it. 

The eye brush works just as well as the others. It applies the eyeshadow evenly and picks up enough as well. Not much to say about it. It does what it’s supposed to do. I am pleased with this purchase and will be using them for a long time. My favorite feature is how soft they are. This is a product I would recommend to anyone.


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