No-Sew tank top

No-Sew tank top

So pinterest has been my best friend lately. I found a tutorial on there for turning an old t-shirt into a tanktop. I thought this was perfect, because I went through a stage where I bought everything a little too big. I didn’t take pictures of my progress but you can look at pictures of it on this blog. 

Before I cut the shirt (ignore the flash)


1. Cut off the sleeves and the collar. Cut the bottom at at least a half inch above the seam.

2. Turn the shirt over and a cut a deep V.

3. Take the bottom of the shirt you cut off. Cut off the seam and then stretch the fabric that is left. You need to stretch it A lot. You’ll get something similar to a noodle.

4. Take the noodle and tie the straps together at the bottom of the V. Twist it around and around and then knot it at the other end. Cut off the loose ends

Here are my results. It didn’t turn out as good as it could have, but it was ok for my first try.

the front
the back

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