My Favorite Lip Balm!!!!

My Favorite Lip Balm!!!!

Ya know what My favorite lip balm is? EOS! It stands for Evolution of Smooth. I was first drawn to this lip balm when I saw it in Walmart. It was way different than all the other lip balms around it. It’s a sphere for one thing. I’ve never seen spherical lip balm. It also had really bright colors. I tend to be drawn to bright or neon colors.  They also had many different flavors. They have Summer Fruit, Lemon drop with SPF 15, Sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, and medicated tangerine. I found all those different flavors interesting. So I got it because it looked cool. That’s usually how I’ve chosen my lip balm, because I never thought I would find one that would really help my lips. Oh my gosh! This stuff worked amazing. My lips are always soft, and it lasts a long time. You can apply it to both lips at once because of the spherical design. When my lips get dry. They get desert dry. This lip balm helped a lot. You can buy this lip balm at Walmart, king soopers, Walgreen’s, and other stores like that. I would totally recommend it to anyone.


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